Snapchat Introduces Innovative Gadgets

Snapchat has managed to introduce connected eyewear which allows you to wear cameras on your face. This gadget is called Spectacle and the huge sales indicate it is a huge hit. Ever since it launched in 2010, the messaging app managed to become popular among millennials. A lot of people ended up making accounts and they have yet to get tired of it because Snap continues to introduce new features. It is like not losing sight of what is in front of you. Now, you won’t regret the memories you were not able to take as you won’t lose sight of them because of the connected eyewear. Spectacles have a price tag of $130 and it is connected to Snapchat which allows uploading faster than ever.


The product is a step up from Google Glass because it did not exactly attract many buyers. Snap ended up making Spectacles hard to find because of how nice it is. In fact, they made it available in vending machines that are located in far places like the Grand Canyon. If a buyer really wants to have one then they will have to go the extra mile just to get their hands on it. If you want to talk about making an effort just to buy something then you have it right there. Some eBay auctions sell these wonderful products but you have to compete offers with other buyers who want the same thing. It is not going to be easy because you are going to have a bigger and better offer than the other people who are online at the same time as you.

The best part is not being able to see them in person as they are located in other countries.

It is indeed the beauty of an online auction but you can bid as many times as you want as long as it is an item you really like. Google Glass had a heavy price tag of $1500 and a scary sci-fi look so that turned off a lot of buyers. It does have more features than Spectacles but buyers didn’t seem to care.

Snapchat Raising

It is impossible to lose sight of Snap’s IPO as it hits markets and everyone is eager to get their hands on it. It is something that is worth the hype and Snap has proven all the things that came out of them have turned out to be so good they have gotten rave reviews with these Cosmid discounts. Last November, it confidently filed to go public which is something a startup rarely does. They have definitely reached levels nobody thought they would but they definitely did because they are one confident bunch. The market for IPO has been very slow this year and it is actually the slowest in 8 years. It is not a surprise how that happened because their app has developed a huge following and it will only be a matter of time before it is at the same level as other messaging apps. It certainly has a nice concept with regards to delivering the goods.

There are a lot of brands who have their own Snapchat so it does not only apply to people but brands as well. Even restaurants and retail companies have their own Snapchat in order to get their followers in the loop of the latest about them. Snap is hoping the IPO will get millennials to invest in them in the stock market as studies have shown millennials are interested in investing in stocks. It is after all a smart thing to do other than going to the casino and betting on card games and pinball machines.