States Beginning To Find A Standard Approach To Smart Grid Privacy

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State Commissions appear to be accepting a standard approach to customer data access and privacy. The recent Colorado Public Utilities Commission decision on data privacy follows the earlier California Public Utilities Commission decision, in that they both agree that utilities have a right to collect and use customer data to provide regulated utility services. However, a distinction is being made between the data that the utility and utility affiliates need for forecasting and billing services from the data used by non-utility third parties. Additionally, the Commissions also note that utilities have a right to this data without customer consent, but this consent is required when it comes to third party users.

Is this the model that will be seen all over the country as more states adopt utility data privacy guidelines? Do they address utility and customer concerns for data access and security? An upcoming UTC webinar featuring a California utility and PUC official, as well as a Maryland utility and a consumer advocate will discuss the issues that these data privacy decisions by state regulators address. Additionally, the speakers will discuss how utilities can work with their customers to address privacy and security concerns stemming from such user data access. Attendees will also be able to discuss their utility and vendor perspectives on this issue. To learn more, contact




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