Cybersecurity and Politics Discussion at UTC TELECOM 2012

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Mark Weatherford, Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) at the Department of Homeland Security discussed Cybersecurity presented during UTC's Tuesday morning General Session. Weatherford discussed how cybersecurity is a national imperative due in part to the  sophisticated environment of cybersecurity. Weatherford covered the challenges of instant response, policy, control, the security culture and the community approach necessary to find solutions. He also addressed the growing need to prepare the next generation for cyber security.

In terms of cybersecurity culture, Weatherford stated that we need a solution on how to remove the barriers between the government and private sectors. "The government needs to do a better job of sanitizing information for the private sector." He went on to say that as a nation, we need to prepare our workforce and find talent "to prepare the next generation for cybersecurity." Furthering that message, he added "gaps in talent means gaps in security."

Stuart Rothenberg from The Rothenberg Political Report also presented during this session and discussed the upcoming fall elections.




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