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FCC Adopts Outage Reporting Requirements for Interconnected VoIP Service

At its Open Commission Meeting this week, the Federal Communications Commission extended its Part 4 network outage reporting requirements to apply to VoIP services. The FCC’s Report and Order defines outage reporting for interconnected VoIP service, establishes reporting criteria and thresholds and discusses how the reporting process should work, what information should be reported and confidential treatment of the outage reports. The FCC deferred action on a number of questions, including the possibility of setting thresholds for reporting outages of broadband Internet service and measurements for outages of both interconnected VoIP and broadband Internet services based on performance degradation, as opposed to complete service outage.

UTC issued a statement supporting the FCC's decision, explaining that "[a]dopting the extension of these Part 4 outage reporting requirements should promote the reliability of utility communications and the underlying essential electric, gas and water services they provide. Utilities need reliable communications to support the safe, secure and efficient delivery of essential services to the public at large."

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