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ICS-CERT Issues Alert on Attacks on SCADA Systems

The Industrial Control System Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) has issued an alert on February 3, 2012, concerning SSH scanning activity that is targeting control systems. The agency states that this Alert is being issued  to inform critical infrastructure and key resource (CIKR) asset owners and operators of recent and ongoing activity involving secure shell(SSH), a scanning of Internet facing control systems.

As recently as this week, ICS-CERT received a report from an electric utility experiencing unsuccessful brute force activity against their networks. The full alert is available for review here.

No Evidence Of Cyber Attack on Water Utility, ICS-CERT and FBI Say

There is no evidence of a cyber intrusion into the SCADA system of the water utility in Springfield, Illinois, said the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) in an email yesterday. ICS-CERT and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had been investigating the reported incident of a cyber attack on the SCADA systems of the U.S. water utility resulted in a pump failure. It noted that there was no evidence to support claims made in the initial DHS Fusion Center reports. ICS-CERT received a copy of the reports on Nov 16th and inquired to the DHS field office to obtain additional information. The claims of a cyber attack have now also been dismissed by the FBI and DHS. Read more »

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